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Monday, July 9, 2012

Super Easy Chained Bead Friendship Bracelets

These are some of the quickest, easiest friendship bracelets to make, and inexpensive.  Just a beaded chain stitch using elastic cord and mini pony beads. I think they would make a good tween project for groups.

You will need:

  • Elastic Beading Cord- I used Dritz Metallic Beading Cord
  • Mini Pony Beads in various colors*
  • Scissors

*Full size pony beads will work too. I just prefer the appearance of the small ones

Cut 16 inch lengths of the cord. If you're making these with a group i.e. a summer camp project or scouting group, it's easier to have the cord pre-cut.

About 4 inches from one end, make a loop with the cord crossed.

Hold the cord where it crosses, and make a loop with the longer end and put it in the first loop.

Pull to tighten.

Now you'll put on the first bead, just push the loop through it. The holes in the pony beads are big enough for the folded elastic cord.
Make a loop in the long end, and put through the loop coming out of the bead. Pull to tighten the first beaded loop.
Add another bead.
You'll continue adding beads in the same manner, 6-10 beads looks good. Then to the beaded section, make a loop and pull it through the previous loop.
Then instead of adding a bead, pass the end of the cord through the loop. Pull to tighten. Until this step it's easy to pull it all apart by giving the working end a tug, this step locks the beads.

Tie the ends in an overhand or square knot, trim ends. Because it's elastic, it's easy to put on and off. 

My grandmother used to make necklaces in a similar fashion. She would use a metallic elastic thread instead of cord, chain from the beginning and intersperse plain chains with beaded chains using plastic pearls. 


  1. That looks really tricky

  2. Wonderful idea! I like the fact that they're adjustable and that make them look even more cute!


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