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A link is always great. If you have a craft site you would like me to link to, please feel free to email me.

Do you want to a buy a blank template or custom order a box with one of my existing templates? I have several templates and bead pattern e-books for sale at Etsy, you can always convo me there for a specific template or a custom order. Most of the patterns and templates are immediate download!

Craftsy also has my templates and bead patterns in PDF format.

Using my Amazon links to buy books and other things you're ordering from Amazon gives me a small commission.

If you'd like to sponsor Don't Eat the Paste, or buy ad space on my site, email me. shala (at) donteatthepaste **dot** com

If you really love the art on these boxes, you might be interested in my Spoonflower designs for sale.

I appreciate the support!


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