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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I love books!

Book quote on Astrobrights paper

I love books and love to read. I have my nose in a book or would the modern equivalent be "my eyes on the screen" regularly. You know that I review mostly craft, cooking and beading books. It doesn't mean I don't read fiction too. Today I ordered this fantastic book themed shirt* from the Threadless 9.99 sale.*
"Books are a uniquely portable magic" -Stephen King
Here's the quote art if you want to print it, click on the image for the larger version and print on landscape settings. The version above is printed on Astrobrights paper, and as usual, there is a share version on Don't Eat the Paste Quotes.

This year, my current favorite fictions for the year are:
Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson- It's both science fiction and fantasy with a nice touch of romance. Set in the Middle East, it's about a young hacker living in a tightly controlled regime. He's brilliant, but out of touch in a lot of ways. Then his girlfriend breaks up with him and gives him a book which changes his view of reality. Djinn, magic, technology and politics.

Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway- This one is complicated. It's Nick Harkaway's second novel and it's wildly strange and interesting. There is a fair bit of steampunk in the story, a bit of romance, and a coming of age for a young man who thinks he's rejected his father's criminal ways to become a staid clock maker. He gets a magnificent clock work mechanism to repair from a retired spy. This one is actually brilliant and still currently in the running for first place for my favorite fiction of the year. It's full of subtle humor, word plays and twists that you might miss for a couple of paragraphs while the back of your mind is working on it. Then you wind up going back to the page to read it over again. I read fast, but this book lasted me two weeks because after loving the first half, I was stingy with the last half. A few pages at a time here and there so it wouldn't end too soon. My son, after watching my strange behavior with this book asked to borrow it when I finished. He loved it too.

*The links are affiliate links. For Threadless, that means if you use my link to buy a shirt, I'll get a small credit towards my next purchase. I love my collection of Threadless shirts, they are gorgeously printed and nice soft t-shirts. links don't affect your price, and I make a small commission on affiliate links with them as well. :) Which gets spent on more books usually. Except this month I spent my gift card balance on a Mel Brooks Blu-ray set. We will pop popcorn and have a Mel Brooks marathon!

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