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Review Policy

For my readers-

I like to share things I read, especially craft and cookbooks. Frequently I get them for free from the publishers either directly or through NetGalley or the Amazon Vine Program. If the book is a vintage out of print book, it probably came from my own collection. Otherwise, mostly they are books that I got directly from the publisher for reviewing.

It's the practice of some industries to send out copies of books, tools and other supplies for the purpose of reviews in hopes that some of the people who get them will enjoy them, and write about why they enjoyed it. When I get review copies and post a review, that's the kind of review it is. It is written because I honestly enjoyed the book and wanted to share it with my readers. I want to be trusted, so I'm not going to lie to you, my readers make this site what it is and are the reason that I work on it so much.

I'll be honest about the sort of crafter, beader or cook I think the book is best suited for, I'm not trying to sell you anything. I may link to the item on my affiliate account because the small amount I make on helps support this page and my other pages. 

Book reviews are always done without compensation except for a copy of the book that is reviewed.

There are some sponsored posts, but they are also always going to be for things that I believe my readers will be interested in, and will be my opinion. This was a hard choice to make, but I think the right one. It will help support the site and my work on it in a manner that I believe is ethical. All sponsored posts will be clearly marked as being sponsored, and who sponsored the post. 

For publishers and writers-

I'm willing, even eager to review cook books and cooking paraphernalia, craft books and craft related items, and anything bead related. For other product and book reviews, it's time dependent and if it's not a good fit for one of my sites I'll post the review only on Email me for my mailing address and to see if it's something I think my readers would be interested in. You can email me at shala at mycraftreview (dot) com.

Don't Eat the Paste is where I post craft book reviews, cookbook reviews and craft products and cooking products reviews. Very occasionally I'll consider music reviews for DETP, indie artists only. Don't Eat the Paste is primarily a craft blog and I do update fairly regularly.
Beadwork at is where I post beading and jewelry book reviews. Beadwork at BellaOnline is a content driven beading site that's part of BellaOnline. I've been the editor of the beading area for the last 5 years.
All reviews also get posted to, you can see my profile page here