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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bunny coloring page

Patchwork bunny- blank available for coloring!

You know how sometimes you start with one plan and end up with something else? My original plan was to use a bunny that I drew a couple years ago in a mandala. But then I couldn't find the file. So I started drawing a different bunny. The first one was more stylized. This one just wanted to be cute. I decided to do it as a coloring page instead of a mandala because there are lots of spaces for doodlers and zentanglers to make it their own. So you can color it in with straight colors, create patterns for the patches, or just completely doodle it. Anyway you do it, I'd love to see the results on my FB page.

To print and color this patchwork bunny coloring page- just click on one of the images below for a larger version and print!

Small jpg version:
Patchwork bunny to color. Also available in transparent png #coloring #zentangle

Large transparent PNG version:
Patchwork bunny to color. Also available in jpg #coloring #zentangle

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Groovy Paper Pendant

Instructions for a tie dye effect done with nail polish and templates for hand cutting or Cricut

Groovy right? Like I said before, I love peace symbols jewelry, but prefer handmade ones. The neat thing about this project is that you probably have all the supplies on hand.

There are 2 methods- I used the Cricut Explore Air to cut my pieces of peace (tried to resist the word play, failed.) The Cricut Explore Air is really nifty. It does all the wonderful things that the Cricut Explore does, it cuts, it draws, it embosses and scores, it uses the same online Design Space which makes it easy to upload your own images and cut, draw, emboss them. It has the same print and cut feature which let's you use your home printer from the interface to print a design then cuts it. But it's not chained to your computer- it works with Design Space application for iPad. I tried it! Sign in and all the stuff you have is still there. Cartridges you've loaded to your account, your own images, library items and things you've purchased, all there on the app. One of the really nice things about Cricut Explore is that you don't need to use vectors to create your own shapes. Upload images and shapes from your computer. Erase stuff, put new stuff in it, add text, it's all super easy.

So okay, done being all fangirl about the Cricut Explore Air (except that I really, really do love it)

The other method is obviously cutting out the pieces by hand. It's pretty easy too.

So how to make this groovy tie dye effect paper peace symbol necklace?

You will need:

  • Card stock
  • Scissors 
  • Mod Podge!
  • Nail polish in several colors
  • Bowl of cool water
  • skewer, chopstick or fork
  • Ribbon
  • optionally- Cricut Explore or Explore Air
  • template
So you can print the template on cardstock. Size it to make the thickest peace symbol the size you want the finished pendant to be. You can fit 2 to a page for smaller peace symbols.

Or upload this image to your Design Space account, don't preserve the image, you just want the cutting lines. Upload it as a simple image. It's a transparent PNG so there won't be anything to clean up. 

Cut your peace symbols. Glue them together from thickest to thinnest using Mod Podge. Getting them exactly centered isn't really necessary. I didn't, as you can see, I used blue card stock. 

Let the Mod Podge dry overnight, then do the back of the peace symbols and let that dry. 

Mod Podge IS water soluble, but getting it wet quickly and not letting it soak won't ruin a project. This is a good thing because the next part, the tie dye effect part, uses water. 

Water and nail polish!

Inexpensive nail polish is just fine for this project. If you want to make this a party project with friends, you can cut and glue a bunch of the peace symbols, 1 per friend, then have them each bring a bottle of nail polish. Using a few colors with good contrast works best.

Now grab a bowl and fill it with cool water, then open your nail polishes and drizzle them into the bowl. 

Yeah, really. 

Then I used a skewer to cut through the colors and swirl them.

Isn't that neat looking? Then you'll hold the paper peace symbol by the edge and quickly tap the whole front into the floating layer of polish. Lift straight out. 

Place it polish side up on a safe surface to dry, and if necessary use a bit of tissue to pull water off the piece. You don't want to touch the polish, just touch the corner of the paper to the water and let it wick it up. 

Let the nail polish dry. Put your ribbon on, add beads if you'd like! 

I was provided a Cricut Explore Air at no cost for review purposes for my non-biased opinion, I was not given any other compensation, and this is my honest opinion and experience. links help pay for my addiction to book and new cast iron pans for The Amazing Turnip Girl, so I appreciate it whenever people can use my links! 

Below is a link for the Cricut Explore Air Wireless Bundle, and my own coloring book full of peace symbols and other groovy things. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Thing printable 2x2 box

It must be spring, although this winter was so weird that I'm not going to celebrate too quickly. However, given that my allergies are acting up in big huge ways, it certainly seems like spring!

Because of my allergies, today is just a really, quick and easy box but I hope you enjoy it! Print the box on card stock, cut out, score folds, fold, glue.

Spring thing printable box

There are other things planned, a book review or three, a game review, a couple giveaways and some crochet patterns. But those will be when I can brain again. 

I hope your spring is going well!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rainbows for St. Patrick's Day Mandala to color

rainbow with a shamrock mandala- coloring version available

I hope you enjoy coloring this rainbow mandala as much as I enjoyed drawing it!

Click the images for larger versions to print and color.

Small jpg:
rainbow mandala to print and color- also available in transparent PNG  #StPatricksDay #coloring

Transparent png:
rainbow mandala to print and color- also available in jpg  #StPatricksDay #coloring


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