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Check out my printing tips if you're having problems printing to the right size
If you'd like to support this site and all the free things I post- please check out my Don't Eat the Paste Mandala collection coloring book for 9.99 at Amazon.

My E-books

I  have a few e-books for sale in Kindle format.
Teaching My Daughter to Bake Bread is a short collection of yeast bread recipes, step by step instructions and bread baking tips. I wrote up some of the science behind bread baking and really encourage it as an art. It's 99¢

Basic Brick Stitch Earrings has 7 patterns that only use 2 colors of beads, step by step instructions for making brick stitch earrings, and tips on fringe. Diagrams and patterns are optimized to really work well in Kindle format. It's $2.99

Dea's Handful of Recipes is the shortest of my e-books. 5 of my daughter's favorite recipes, this booklet also has tips supplied by her. It's 99¢

Five Keys Cross Stitch is a collection of 5 cross stitched skeleton keys patterns and one keyhole. It's $2.99

You can also get blank versions of my templates and instant downloads of some of my beading patterns (not the limited edition ones) at my Etsy store.

I also have a tutorial on how to format books for the Kindle using basic HTML plus a couple Kindle specific tags. You can find that tutorial here.

You can download Kindle apps for most platforms at


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