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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dreams, possibilities and birthdays

Friday was my daughter's 17th birthday. After considering her options, she decided the best way to spend it was with her family at her favorite fair after I cooked her one of her favorite meals. So we matched up our different schedules, and went to the fair. She had a blast, riding lots of rides. We have a tradition, since we usually wind up buying blocks of tickets and wind up with a few leftover. Instead of buying extra tickets for one more ride, she'll give the extra tickets to a family with small children so they can get just one more ride. Dinner was chicken and bowties alfredo with her smoothies for dessert. She makes truly awesome smoothies. Michael and I gave her a pocket watch (The Master's pocket watch from Doctor Who) and her brother gave her a Doctor Who set she didn't have (2nd Doctor) and her grandfather gave her two Pixar films she didn't yet have. While we were at the fair, we ran into one of my cousins, whose wife is pregnant with twins. She's still very early, glowing and happy about it.

Earlier today, I was looking at a photo one of my oldest and dearest friends posted on FB, it didn't show up though, and there wasn't even a red x. Just what looked like a blank white image. It was captioned "Dare to dream". Before I reloaded, I thought that was the image, that blank canvas, ready for dreams, ready for imagination. The idea tickled me greatly. It's the sort of thing she would have posted because she's a big believer in dreams and she has a quirky sense of humor.
What do you fill your blank page with? What dreams, what possibilities? Until you start filling it in, anything is possible. The possibility is just so vast and wonderful. It was a happy accident, the glitch that kept the image from showing, because until it did show, it could have been anything.
My daughter is all about those blank canvases, she makes so many things. She's willing to dare, and she's a fearless non-conformist. She's a constant inspiration and a blessing.

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