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Friday, July 20, 2012

Birds, Trains and Raspberries- Photo Post

These are just a few photos that my husband and I took this week. I hope you enjoy them! Click on the images to see larger versions. We went out to Potter's Marsh this morning. Some of the photos show a haze, apparently that's from fires in Siberia believe it or not! Tomorrow morning we plan go out for more photos, hopefully to find a some Dall sheep. The raspberries and strawberries are growing in my yard, and I'm just thrilled about how well they look. The raspberries especially have multiplied so much! We plan to make raspberry syrup as soon as they ripen!

Alaska Railroad Train
Strawberries in my yard
Raspberries in my yard

Arctic Tern
Arctic Tern-Shala Kerrigan, Potter's Marsh, Anchorage
Gaggle of Geese
Taken by Michael Simbeck at Potter's Marsh in Anchorage
Sandpiper- Shala Kerrigan- Potter's Marsh,Anchorage

Sandpiper- Michael Simbeck- Potter's Marsh, Anchorage

Family of Geese
Family of geese- Shala Kerrigan- Potter's Marsh, Anchorage

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