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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flowered headband link love

A lot of my crafting is binge crafting, I'll see an inspiring project and think of variations that would fit my personality or that of my daughter.

Headbands and hair clips are a regular favorite for near instant gratification. For headbands, rather than plastic ones that get uncomfortable after a while, I prefer elastic. The satiny kind that is used in a lot of baby headbands but in more adult colors. It's nice, smooth and doesn't damage my hair or give me headaches like plastic or metal bands can.

So checking out The Ribbon Retreat's blog, I saw this project for how to make a flower headband, as shown, it's meant for a little girl. But they have lots of colors available for the flowers, ribbon and elastic. All the supplies are inexpensive enough that they make a nice quick gift. They have enough colors you could do them for some sports teams. If you like the idea but not the flowers used, check out some of the other tutorials. There are instructions for other types of flowers made from ribbons.

I've been sort of obsessed with birdcage veils and putting it on an elastic headband seems a good option for bridal showers. Since they have the favorite colors of a friend of mine who is getting married soon, I think a mini-veil would a nice gift. Especially if I use the little rhinestone crown on it. 

They have lots of other tutorials for bows, sewing projects for babies, and other great gift ideas and they carry all the supplies so you don't have to search for the exact right thing to finish the project. Really cute projects that will work for teens and adults as well as babies. 

Take a look around, as well as learning how to make flower headbands, there are also great projects like this burned petal flower clip.

Really cute stuff that's easy to make more elegant.

Corrected link- How to make a flower headband

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