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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunset, mountains and ice- photo post

The Seward Highway out of town is considered a scenic byway. Of course, most of our highways are scenic. But heading out to the Valley, there aren't places to turn out so you can gawk at the scenery between Anchorage and Eagle River. Between Anchorage and Girdwood on the Seward Highway, there are lots of turnouts. You go through part of the Chugach National Park. I've posted photos in the past of some of the scenery in summer. Last night my husband took me out specifically to get photos of the sunset and of the mountains in winter for you.
Click on the images for larger versions. I resized them to 50% for quicker loading.
This highway has railroad tracks and the inlet on one side, and one the other, you butted up against mountains and cliffs. There can be avalanches sometimes, but the state posts advisories if they think it might be a problem.
During the summer, those cliffs have little water run offs and climbers. Now I'm going to be quiet. So you can just enjoy the scenery.

Hope you enjoyed these photos! 


  1. Beautiful!!! But.. I missed the Aurora Borealis and cannot find it.... pretty please direct me to those photos. (I've had to delete lots of emails due to being down with dry socket)


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