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Friday, March 9, 2012

Button Your Braids- hair tie tutorial

I like buttons! This project takes 2 large buttons and 2 smaller buttons to make a pair of hair ties. The finished ties are wrapped around the hair a few times, then secure it closed by pulling the elastic over the button. This project is super quick.

You will need:
2 big buttons
2 smaller buttons- contrasting colors are great
1/16 inch elastic cord
Strong sewing thread
Glue- Super glue or PVA glue will work. It's used to secure the knot.

Cut 2 5 inch pieces of elastic cord and thread each button with elastic, the two ends should come out on top of the button. Tie a square knot in the elastic.

How to tie a square knot

Secure the knot with a dab of glue and trim close.

Thread your needle, and go down through the top of the button and back up through the other hole, leaving a tail, tie the working end of the thread and the tail end of the thread in a tight knot. go through the button a second time, and when you come back up, put on the small button. Sew securely to the bottom button. When it's securely sewn on, bring the needle and thread between the two buttons and tie the end off to the tail, pulling tight so the knot is between the button. Tie a couple more knots to keep it secure, and cut off the ends of the thread as close as possible between the two buttons.

Wrap the elastic around your braid a few times, then pull the loop over the button to close!
My daughter loves these, and I enjoy the fun of them quite a bit as well. If you're using stash buttons, you can make a lot of these for a lot less than buying decorated hair ties. 

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