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Friday, March 9, 2012

A lovely night - photos

Last night we had dinner early so we could take a drive out of the city to see the stars, moon, and hopefully the aurora. Leaving the house, Michael pointed out the two planets shining high, like mirror images of Orion's shoulders, also in the sky.

Because it was night, I couldn't get photos of all the beauty. The mountains covered with snow and the bright moon shining behind the mountains. It was a bright full moon!

We noticed light banding at first, then the lights came out to play. Lime green colors across the sky.


  1. Beautiful. I saw the lights once - my last night in England in 1989. That was the furthest south (West Midlands) they'd been seen in 600 years, according to Radio Two...

  2. le aurore sono la cosa che prima o poi vorrò avere il piacere di osservare *.*
    ke belle!! grazie x avercele mostrate :)

  3. Thanks for sharing... it is so beautiful.

  4. Lovely, thank you for sharing.

  5. Wonderful!! One of these days I AM going to see this in person. Thank you for sharing these pics :D


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