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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rose Coloring Page

Haven't done roses in a while. This one, I visualized as being something that could be colored in with Zentangle type fills, or used as a leather tooling pattern. I hope you enjoy it. Use it however you would like.
Click on the image for the full sized version.

A few years ago, my son made his grandpa a leather mystery braid bracelet. It was brown, with a centered Celtic concho and then mystery braid on either side of the concho. Dad wore that bracelet until it fell off this weekend. He called me to say his bracelet had broken and he would really like a replacement. That it was one of his favorite bracelets and people complimented it all the time. So off to Tandy Leather we went. After looking over their supplies, we decided to check my leather stash before buying more leather. So for the time being, we picked up some basic veg tan leather blank bracelets and Turnip Girl and William picked out conchos for themselves, for their grandpa and for their dad, and picked out leather dye. Turnip Girl decided she wanted to learn how to tool leather. So Michael will be teaching her. He hasn't tooled leather in *ages* but this could be just the thing to get him started again and hey! New barrettes! I need new stick barrettes which make great practice pieces. They picked an eagle head for their grandpa, and for Michael, they picked a Texas star concho because it looks like a police badge and he used to be in law enforcement. For Dad's bracelet, they chose mahogany dye, for their own, they picked a lovely shade of blue.
I'm currently cross stitching a police box. When it's done I'll post it and the pattern. 


  1. G'day! Thanks so much for sharing your designs. I've used the rose to tool and filigree a leather bun-dock for my hair. It's currently wet and being formed between two cereal bowls, but when it dries I think I'll paint the design in spirit dyes (not fond of acrylics). I needed a big, open design for my purpose because I have a big fat bun and I was so pleased to find your lovely rose design. I'd also love to see the pics of the bracelets your son makes. Thank you! :)

    1. I hope you'll come back and post a picture of what you've made ... maybe before painting and after. It sounds amazing!


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