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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Super easy air freshener hack


I keep forgetting to post this really easy scent hack.

Bar coasters are made out of blotter paper- just like most paper type car fresheners.

So you can put your favorite perfume oils on them and either put them in a pretty bowl or punch a hole in them and hang them.

The coaster in this photo is one that came as a sample with some stickers from Sticker Mule and if you use my link, you can get 10 dollars off an order AND I'll get a 10 dollar credit. More than that? Coasters on sale right now.

Sticker Mule

Perfume is one of my favorite LE's from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and was a gift from a friend- sooo.. I'm pretty stingy with it. But my newly anointed coaster will let me enjoy the scent in my room OR it can be used sachet like in my underwear drawer.

But hey, you don't need custom coasters. Seriously, just pocket them instead of throwing them away if you get them with a drink while you're out.