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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Raspberry Jelly Labels

 I like using Avery Sticker Project Paper ( affiliate link) for labels because I can do custom layouts. For people who prefer other methods, you can download the labels individually and use them in your word processing or graphics software to make your own label sets. Click on the images for the larger versions. 

Other cute label designs in this series:

A friend of mine who is also very into canning has been really wishing I'd make raspberry labels. So I started them this morning, but getting the face just right for the amount of cute I want was challenging. While I was posting in progress designs on Facebook, Lillian asked if I could make dark purple ones. I said "Sure, color changes are easy peasy." Then Jennifer (who originally asked for labels) made a joke about them. Then said "‎*giggles* Sorry, that was probably uncalled for, wasn't it *^^*;;;" which made me think of a bratty kid. Bratty kid! There was the answer to making the face cute enough. A raspberry giving a raspberry. Perfect.
So that's what I drew, then recolored it to make dark purple blackberry type raspberries for Lillian.

While we were canning jelly the other day (have I mentioned how much I love the Discover Canning small batch kit? You can read my review here) we couldn't find a ruler. Now, you have to understand, I have rulers. LOTS of rulers. Metal, plastic, great big T rulers and little 6 inch school supply kit rulers, but at that moment, we couldn't find any of them. Turnip Girl brought over the model I printed of the printable ruler to make sure it was exact. Well, a paper ruler won't work to measure head space in jars. So I had her grab her marshmallow stick and we measured on that and made a small notch at 1/4 inch. It worked very well.

The marshmallow sticks are our family's answer to the fact I won't let them roast marshmallows on coat hangers because of the coatings on them. We got a 3/8 inch oak dowel and sawed it in half. Then the kids sharpened them in a pencil sharpener and sanded them smooth. Their marshmallow sticks are their responsibility not to loose and to clean after roasting marshmallows. Every so often we saw off the ends, put the rest back our craft supplies for other projects, and start all over with a new dowel. The non-marshmallow end can be decorated with various things if you have kids who want to decorate them. Nothing loose or that dangles, but wrapping craft wire around one end with beads or coloring with permanent markers works.


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