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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ready Player One

I'll do a real entry later, but I wanted to point out the brand new book Ready, Player One this morning.

The author, Ernest Cline is a favorite in my household for his poetry. It's intelligent, funny and full of pop culture references that make it very accessible even for my poetry hating husband. I bought his cd years ago and it's a favorite. You can find samples of it on his website.Click the second link under the game cartridge. So when I saw Ready Player One listed on Good Reads a few months ago I left this comment.
"Really looking forward to this one, so is my husband. So very envious of the people who got to read it first."
Ernest Cline saw my comment, and wrote me, offering me a ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of the book. I read it in one sitting, then gave it to my husband to read. 
I loved it. If you grew up in the 80s or have 80s nostalgia love and like science fiction, you'll probably love it too. Michael laughed out loud at several points and found the story just as satisfying as I did.
The future is grim and escape is a virtual world that's very 80s retro. 

This is what I wrote on GoodReads.

I'm just thrilled. If you've read or listened to Ernest Cline's poetry, you come to expect a certain kind of intelligent humor and hopeful cynicism. 
His first novel has that, a future world that's believable and based in current events, and rich with pop culture references to the 80s. Wade is clumsy, flawed and easy to identify with if you've always felt like a misfit. 
The future he lives in isn't a utopia. It's a natural extension of what's happening now. The poor people are poorer, there is very little in the way of fossil fuels left, and people are escaping into an online world that was designed by someone with a deep love for that decade.
It's about friendship and good versus evil with a bit of a love story thrown in. 
It's a lot of fun, and a book that I really recommend to anyone who was a teenager in the 80s or who has a nostalgic love for that time.
If you like science fiction and ever used an Amiga, tried to get to the hidden level on PacMan and know who Stringfellow Hawk is... you'll love this book. The future is grim, and escapism is 1980s popular culture. 

I don't want to spoil the book. All that information is included in the blurb.  I do want to recommend it though. It's already a best seller with movie talks happening, and just out today. affiliate links provide income to me personally, which I spend on my book addiction.

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