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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Book Review- Carefree Clothes for Girls

Carefree Clothes for Girls by Junko Okawa is, in my opinion, simply charming.

Not everyone will agree with that assessment. If you love french seams, dart fitting, couture techniques and heirloom quality sewing for girls, this is not the book for you.

If you like simple shapes, fun and irregular details and dresses that you won't mind getting dirty, this might be a great book for you.

It has 20 projects, and full sized patterns in the back under the flap for all but 2 of them. Unfortunately, my daughter is too big for those projects, but the simple lines are easy to size up for her (or yay! for me!) and some of the details and effects used in the garments can be used in other commercial projects.

Unfinished hems left to softly fray, scraps of lace and old doilies are all used to wonderful advantage here. The look is decidedly homemade. It's a very earthy, comfortable look. I was thrilled going through the book, bookmarking dresses that had details that I want to use in sewing for myself. It's patches and buttons, and reminds me of a favorite old stuffed animal or possibly a sweater you won't give up even after it's all darns and stitched up tears.

Which is why I say this book isn't for everyone. Some people prefer a very finished look. My favorite piece in the whole book was a Cinderella style, pretty fitted dress with mismatched buttons up the back. My daughter loved the whole book. It's inspirational.

Full size patterns in the back including an smock type apron that buttons in the back, a few adorable dresses, a chemise, a tunic and pants. Instructions for some accessories like hats and a patchwork scarf that would be perfect for fall.

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