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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A bunting necklace project and other stuff

I completely forgot to link to this project on the Beadwork at BellaOnline page.
Button Bunting Necklace Project
This is what it looks like. Modeled by the Turnip Girl in one of her favorite teeshirts.

I also reviewed Tapestry Bead Crochet over there. It's a wonderful book if you like crocheting or beadwork.

Other than that, I'm on Google+, have been for a while now but keep forgetting to post it here. Just look for Shala Kerrigan if you want to add me to your circles. I haven't been using it much yet. 

We plan to go to the State Fair this week, during the week because it's too crowded on weekends and my darling, wonderful husband gets very cranky with long drives and huge crowds. Hopefully we will be able to get some good photos!

I'm thinking of having a couple book giveaways. Is anyone interested?

My husband is my hero this week. He bought me lilies to start the week, and installed a new faucet for me. The faucet is just wonderful, it's a lever operated Moen gooseneck faucet. (In the affiliate link). I got it as a part of the Amazon Vine program. He installed it with a left-handed mount and it took him about an hour to install (including pulling out the old faucet). I'll be writing a review for it later at Amazon.
I *love* it. I'm absolutely enthralled with my new faucet and keep telling people "I have a new faucet."  My big stock pot that I use for canning fits under it! It's a thing of joy. My review will be more than "YAY! I love my new faucet." which is why I haven't written it yet. Still just too thrilled with it to be truly coherent. 
Just this second occurred to me that I'm not sure he didn't throw away the old one. I'll have to check since William will probably want it for sculpture. I guess that's proof that I'm an adult now. Being so thrilled about a new faucet which will make cooking a lot easier.

1 comment:

  1. oh dear... cranky crowd husband. but hero husband too!
    that's a kicka$$ faucet! I'd be excited to have it too :)

    I'd be interested in a book giveaway (though to be fair to others I only enter them if it's a book I know I would use)


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