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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Amazing Turnip Girl as Daryl Dixon

Every year for the last 5 years, The Amazing Turnip Girl has kept her costume top secret until the first event she dresses up for. She usually decides by May what she's going to be, and gets costume items from thrift stores and garage sales plus of course, duct tape. She hand sews components, and uses cardboard and duct tape in inventive ways to put together her outfit.

This year, she is dressing up as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead and she's topped herself for details.

The cross bow is made from layers of corrugated cardboard, yarn, duct tape and fabric for the carry strap.
The ears are made from layered cardboard, and covered with brown plastic grocery bags for color and more detail.
Duct tape quiver! and check out those wings on the back of the corduroy shirt that had the arms ripped off to make a vest.
Really, check them out. Those are all hand stitched details and she makes up her patterns on the fly.
Even this one.
She says she's not happy with the feet, but really, isn't that just adorable? I'm still trying to talk her into doll blogging.
I'm so impressed with her costume. She has Daryl appropriate long sleeved shirts to wear when she's out in the cold all layered up under that great vest.


  1. Very impressive! TG did an awesome job on her costume, and I LOVE the critter! Too cute! :)

  2. That's fantastic! I love all the little details like the cardboard layers. Wonderful costume!

    1. Thank you from her. :) I'm really impressed by it. Hopefully she'll start a craft blog soon!


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