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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Duck Brand® Deco Laminate Magnetic Message Center-tutorial

This post brought to you by Duck Brand®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Duck Brand Deco Laminate message center


This project is actually a variation of one that my mom used to make. Except this is a LOT cooler. Why?

Duck Brand® Deco Laminate. Mom used the shelf paper commonly available in the 70s and 80s which isn't nearly as nifty. This stuff comes in great patterns AND dry erase board or chalk board. Yes. You can turn just about any hard surface into a chalk board or dry erase board. I love this stuff.

Deco Laminate examples

From top to bottom- that's chalk board, giraffe, multicolor polka dots, dry erase board and holographic. There are other  prints available- wallflower and blue chevron. The little roll of tape is a Duck Brand® "Duckling" in black which I also used on this project. (have you seen the Ducklings? Just in love with the cute)

You will also need:

message board supplies

A cookie sheet- make sure it's steel! You can check easily by bringing a magnet with you when you go to buy one. Thrifted cookie sheets or old ones are fine as long as you can clean off any rust.

Magnets- my daughter made the ones for this board using wood disks, Duck Brand® Deco Laminate to match the board, E-6000 glue and ceramic magnets

Non-stick scissors- you can use regular scissors, but I like non-stick for adhesive things

Optional but nifty if you have it- some of the rolls are compatible with Cricut™, and they also work pretty well with die cutters to add accents. The holographic isn't a good option for this because it's prone to tearing, but try the rest of them! The rest of the patterns would be a great contrast with the chalkboard or dry erase rolls.

Start by covering the back of the cookie sheet in your choice of patterns. The magpie in me loved the sparkle and stars of the holographic. Follow the instructions for the best, smoothest finish. 

message center step 1


Then cut a piece of either the chalk board or dry erase board and put it on.

Message center step 2

The back of the Duck Brand® Deco Laminate has measurements and alignment dots to help neat, precise cutting. 

Back of DecoLaminate

Then I edged the dry erase part of the board with the Duck Brand® Mini Duck Tape

Message center step 3

Run some more tape on the sides if you'd like. If it's got a hole at the top, you're set to hang it. My cookie sheet didn't, so more Duck Brand® Duck Tape and a bit of yarn on the other side created a hanger. 

When it was all done, my daughter said she wanted it. So it's in her room now. 

Now- the part of this product I LOVE the most? The dry erase and the chalkboard both work with my die cutter.

Die cute Deco Laminate

So I'm not done with this yet, not even close. There are all sorts of things these shapes can be put on. I asked my husband if he wanted the two scalloped circles above and he said "Yes, I think I can use them." 

Are you following Duck Brand® (the makers of Deco Laminate) on Twitter yet? @TheDuckBrand 

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