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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snail boxes and another coloring page

More snails! (I told you it was going on a box!) I hope you enjoy this printable gift box with a snail on it. There is also one that can be colored. Click on the images for larger versions to print. Cut/score/fold/glue or Color/cut/score/fold/glue.

And a coloring page!

Yesterday we went thrifting. It was really good. I got some lanyards to take apart for hardware, a big pack of scrapbook paper (12x12) and to my absolute joy, a bunch of little mending kits. Why mending kits? Because the little ones that you get as a courtesy at some hotels and such are wonderful to make cases for as gifts for friends. Little favors and such. These have thread, 2 needles and 2 buttons in a little pillow box.
I also got some new vintage cookbooks. *happiness* What really excited me the most is a vintage Alaska cookbook about using game meat. It was compiled of recipes submitted by game hunters and their wives in the 70s and has such oddities as Pan-Fried Beaver, Jellied Moose Nose and Porcupine Fricassee. It also has some more usable recipes in it as well, including several for local wild plant edibles. Yay!

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