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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moose Photos!

Click on the images for larger versions. Only 2 this time.

Funny true story-  I said to Michael "This would be a good place to spot a moose." and he said "Or a space bear." since you hardly ever see things after saying something like that. Then we saw that moose. So we stopped so I could take some pictures. He said "Okay, so where's my space bear?"

Recently, a Menchie's opened up here. Menchie's, if you don't know, is a California based frozen yogurt company. They have lots of flavors of soft serve frozen yogurt and toppings. You go in, grab a bowl, fill it with what you want, and top it how you want, then pay by weight. Michael says it looks like a yogurt themed Sanrio shop. All bright colors and merchandise based on their logo of a happy swirl yogurt. We took the kids on Valentine's Day and they were both thrilled. So many choices! They have a couple circular chalkboards that people write on, so my Doctor obsessed daughter wrote on one.
Michael and I like it, I prefer my yogurt to taste more like yogurt and less like ice cream, but liked that they had fruit available and had a vanilla yogurt with peaches and berries. Michael had vanilla with hot caramel and chocolate candy bits. The kids, not even sure what all they mixed in their bowls. It was fun, and since they are in walking distance, it's going to be a fun treat this summer.
TG loved their spoons. A little heavier quality plastic than most disposable spoons with the happy yogurt character sculpted on top. They are brightly colored and she gathered all our spoons to bring home.

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