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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eggs in a Basket - Cadbury Creme version

Another paper egg basket. This one holds 4 Cadbury creme eggs.

These boxes are sized just right for Cadbury creme eggs, and the bottom "basket" is a snug fit for 4 boxes. 
Lately a few people have asked for instructions to put some of my boxes together so at the bottom of this post, I'm including instructions.
The printables are all 300 dpi, and yes Liberty, there is a black and white coloring version! Recommended for adults or very patient younger people because it has a fair amount of detail. Click on the images for the full sized versions. The boxes print 2 to a US letter sized page.  Print the pages on card stock. The lily used on these boxes was previously used here. Because of the weight of Cadbury creme eggs, I recommend taping or gluing the bottom tab of the egg boxes. I will be posting this box template in my Etsy shop.


Side note- when I was done photographing the box, I asked Turnip Girl and my darling husband if either of them wanted a Caramel creme egg, they both said "Yes!" so fast it sort of stunned me. I think maybe next time I shouldn't leave my "props" out where they can see them but not eat them for more than a day!

Most of my boxes have gluing tabs that are just over a half inch wide to accommodate people who would rather use double stick tape. The basket on this set is an exception, the little flap that folds to the inside is narrower, but it can be cut off completely and that will loosen up the box marginally. The egg boxes are a very snug fit!
To put together the egg boxes, or any of my boxes that are that style, print on card stock. You'll cut it out, and score the folds. I can't stress enough how important scoring the folds is, it makes a lot of difference in how neatly card stock folds. But you don't need a fancy bone folder to score. My bone folder was misplaced months ago. I use the back of a steel crochet hook and a ruler to score straight lines. The crochet hook gives me a lot of control and the rounded end doesn't cut my paper. Just weakens it enough for a nice fold. I've also used guitar picks, yarn needles, pens that were out of ink, and even collar tabs from my husband's dry cleaned shirts. 
So, cut out along the black lines, score and fold along the blue lines. Pre-fold the box, then add glue or double stick tape to the tab marked in red and glue that to inside of the box on the other side, lining up the edges carefully. Fold in the top and bottom tabs. If you need to glue the bottom tab for security, do that as well. Use the glue on the tab that's on the square bottom.

Again, cut lines are marked in black. The fold lines in blue. You can see the tab side directly opposite the slanted lines on the tab is the cut line. Score and pre-fold, then glue the red tabs to the inside. The pink tabs are glued down last. Burnish them well so they aren't bulky. Burnishing means to rub it, I use the rounded top (not pointy end) of a stick pen to burnish down folds.


  1. GRAZIE!!! le tue scatoline sono sempre bellissime e ..... soprattutto utili

  2. thank you so much for the directions (and yes!!! for the BnW colourable version YAY!).
    As soon as Ii saw this, I had the idea of colouring the eggs and actually cutting them out, pasting two back to back and hanging them as a kind of 'easter ornament'
    I love the colours you used in the colour version :)


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