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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Curve stitching forget-me-not printables

Curve stitching is interesting, and I always forget how fun until I run across something about it. It's creating curves using straight lines, or for people my age, it's the nail and string art that our parents did or had in the 70s. The coloring page and pattern are meant to be printed at 100 dpi and will be 8 inches across printed at 100 dpi. If you download the pattern and print it at a higher dpi it will print smaller. The pattern can either be used with a ruler and colored pencils or you could pierce a card and use thread to stitch the design. Follow the lines in the coloring page to make it look like mine. Click on the images for the full sized versions. The box is 300 dpi. I resized one layer and not the other from my 300 dpi original and really liked how it looked which is why the coloring is all outside the lines.

This time, what made me think of curve stitching was finding a vintage nail and string art book at a local book store. If you ever come to Anchorage, you might want to go to Title Wave Books. They have a huge collection of new and used books with pretty impressive cookbook and craft book section. I found 3 more vintage craft books for my collection, a liqueur recipes vintage book, and 2 Japanese beading books. I need to do a vintage craft book post again soon! 

1 comment:

  1. Shala this is so wonderful!
    I do paper embroidery and it's almost exclusively using that kind of stitching. I hadn't known it had a name :)
    So I will be using that pattern for sure! as well as enjoying the colouring page to no end.
    Thank you again for brightening my day and putting a smile on my face.


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