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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Native Arts Market and a printable box

Every year about this time, we have Fur Rendezvous. It's a winter carnival of sorts with a lot of uniquely Alaskan events. Including a carnival with rides which is just insanity in what's frequently -10 degree weather about the time it takes place.
Part of the fun every year is a big Native Arts Market. Artists from all over the state congregate in the Dimond Center selling their wares. Beadwork, drums, ulus, carvings. The knife in the picture is an ulu made by one of the artists of From Ancient Times. For an idea of scale if you haven't made this box design before, the top of the box is 4 inches across.
The design on this box is based off beadwork done on an outfit my Aunt Cecilia made for me as a baby. I'm half Athabaskan and the beadwork is done in traditional Athabaskan style, which means it's couched beadwork on traditionally tanned leather. The photo isn't me. That's my daughter modeling my old baby outfit. The blanket behind her is one I made with thrifted yarn that's still one of her favorites.

I hope you like this design as much as I enjoyed interpreting my Aunt Cecilia's beadwork digitally for you all. As usual, click on the images for the larger versions.
I posted a cup on Zazzle with this design if you're interested.


  1. That's really pretty, I think it would make a sweet embroidery motif too.

    Have a great time at the market!

    (just how hard is your daughter going to kill you for posting that pic? Bless :D )

  2. I love the origin of the box design! What a great post! I'll be linking to this.


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