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Friday, March 19, 2010

Affiliates and links

I decided to switch out the ads I had in my sidebar for affiliate links. The ones I chose were based on how much I liked the companies and products offered and how well I think they fit the content of my blog instead of what I was using for advertising on here.

The Container Store - Work Smart Office Sale
The Container Store, as crafters we all know the importance of containers, boxes, bottles, etc. I like the Container Store quite a bit for the wide range of containers they have and the fact you can narrow down your choices to just made in the USA containers. This is important to me because if it's made in the US I can be pretty sure that the people who made them were paid a fair wage for their work.

Sizzix die cutters are a great and reasonably inexpensive system for die cutting shapes out of card stock and decorative paper. Very handy for scrapbookers and other paper artists.

Okay.. I haven't tried any of their sprouting systems YET. I will absolutely. I love fresh sprouts with my family and recommend sprouting to friends with small children who don't like to eat vegetables because sometimes you can get children to eat veggies if they grow half their salad in a sprouting jar or similar sprouting system. Sprouting is very easy, and we use sprouts in place of lettuce on tacos and sandwiches. I plan to buy the 3 tray sprouter and see what I think of it. They have inexpensive sprouting jars and seed for beginner sprouting.
If you go down a bit further on the sidebar, I put in a favorites Amazon list. It only has a few things on it, one of my favorite singers, my favorite origami book, my favorite beading book. That sort of thing. Everything on it is something I own, use and recommend.

Links- I only have a few links up on my sidebar and all of them are my favorites, most of them you probably already know because they referred you here or because I've referenced them in a past post. One of the ones I don't think I've really mentioned is Amy's Rag Bag. The lady who runs this single person owner/operator business makes re-usable menstrual pads out of recycled materials. When my daughter made the switch to cloth we probably tried a half dozen different styles. This is hands down her favorite system. I wrote a tutorial on her system you can find here.
The coffee and soap I linked to in my side bar are both local Alaskan owned small businesses. Gladheart Acres makes the soap my family uses for every day stuff like hand washing and makes the only shampoo bars I really love. Blue Bonsai coffee makes my absolute favorite dark roasted coffees. I really recommend the Empress Blend and the Copper Tiger if you like dark roasted coffee.
I do have a links page that's linked from my main website, and I'm always willing to look at links and do reciprocal links from there.

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