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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rabbit printables

I drew this rabbit and tree for the current Spoonflower contest, Year of the Rabbit. It's voting now if you want to go look at LOTS of rabbit themed fabrics and vote. I'd really appreciate the votes if you vote for mine!
The name of the design is Elephant Under a Pineapple. Because while I was working on it, I asked my son how it looked. He said it looked good, in a whimsical mood I asked "So you can tell it's an elephant under a pineapple?" Later, asking my husband the same question he said "Your elephant looks like a rabbit." And I said "What about the pineapple?" and he replied "I can totally tell that's a pineapple, but your elephant looks like a rabbit."

Click on the images for the full sized versions, the box and the printable art are both 300 ppi. The coloring page (which can also be used for embroidery) is 100 ppi.


  1. this is so wonderful! thank you so much for posting it :)
    I follow you by RSS in my reader and I am always so happy when I see a new post by you (and on top of the world when I see it is something I can print out and colour!)
    thanks for brightening my day

  2. Hello , I'm sophie from FRANCE. I just want to tell you thanks for the litlle and marvelous boxes. I like your site very much and ....Sorry for by bad english. Noeh


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