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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Comic book rings- tutorial

These are so much fun and so fast. A great project to do with kids or tweens.
You'll need:
Adjustable ring blanks- the ones I used are the white adjustable ring blanks from Rings and Things
Small wood shapes- I have a bag of "woodsies" from the craft store
3/4 inch circle punch 
paint or markers
Mod Podge
E-6000 glue
a comic book or fan magazine- something with pictures!

I buy extra copies of cheap promo comics and comics from the 25¢ bin at my local comic book shop specifically for crafting. Before you cut it up, make sure it's not valuable! 

I chose circles for my rings, and the bag of wooden shapes has a bunch of these smaller circle shapes.
Base paint the wood shape or color it with markers. 
Mix up some Mod Podge and glitter then paint the shape with that. I used a cheap foam brush.
Then you should let it dry completely. I didn't which is why there are specks of glitter on my images.
Find an image that will fit well in the 3/4 punch. The best way to do this is to take a piece of scrap paper and punch out a circle on it. Then use the punched paper with the circle cut out to frame images until you find one you like. Because of the diminutive size of the circle, you could do something that looks out-sized very easily. Like one eye of a cover model. Ads for dvds, cds and such often have very small pictures that work well in the punch. The images above were from an ad for Buffy coffee cups!
Punch out your image, then put Mod Podge on the wood shape and put the picture down on it. Cover the whole thing in Mod Podge, let dry.
After it's dry, glue the wood shape to the ring blank with a dollop of E-6000.
If you're working with younger children, you may want to use a chunkier glitter and you'll want to be the one who uses the E-6000. But they can do the rest and will enjoy picking just the right image for their rings. If you've managed to get on Disney's mailing list, you probably get regular snail mail ads for DVDs that have perfect sized images for Disney themed rings.
The rings are very adjustable, and the glue on pad is slightly textured to grab the glue better. 

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't lecture you on using a Disney picture on a ring, but there were people on The Hive who were very uppity about this and lectured on using "copyrighted" pictures that did not belong to you---without permission. I enjoyed reading your instructions and the one on the aluminum cuff bracelets using Mod Podge! Thanks!
    Lee in Texas


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