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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Mandalas- coloring pages

Seems to be the year of the digital mandala for me so far. I'm having entirely too much fun graphing them for beads and drawing them to color.
Here are my two Valentine's mandalas to color or use for crafty purposes. 100 ppi gif format. Click on the images for the full sized versions. As always, you have my permission to use them for coloring or embroidery or other crafty uses.

As you can see, I added a new signature to the end of my posts. The magpie is one I got a picture of this weekend. I'm thinking about making a screen of it for some teeshirts and bags. I love magpies so much! I'll be posting some bird boxes later.
Check out this great quilled card tutorial by Ann Martin of All Things Paper. Upcycling and quilling! I think the flower would also look lovely on a paper brooch.


  1. Such pretty mandalas, Shala - I just might get out the markers and play! Thanks for linking to my blog.

  2. these are so yummy! thanks so much for sharing them here.
    I've tried colouring them in digitally and I can't seem to... do you have any tips?

  3. I make beaded mandalas and I love yours so lovely!!!


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