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Monday, December 9, 2013

Making a fun LEGO minifigure holiday card

This post brought to you by LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine.
LEGO has this fun part of their site called LEGO Minifigure Family where you can create minifigure versions of you and your family to use as a holiday card.
Minifigure Family
It's really easy to use. You get to add people and pets one by one, and customize them. Starting by picking out skin tone, then faces- which includes several expressions and some of them have glasses. Next step is hair or hat style. After that, click on torso to pick a shirt, then legs to pick pants. Or if you want play a bit- you can randomize the outfit.
It was a lot of fun picking the outfits, faces etc that best reflect my family. My husband does wear sweater vests, our daughter does wear suits. I'm kind of a hippie so the finge and tie dye work out well for me. My dad dresses plainly, but likes to wear caps and does have a full face of hair. It was so easy to pick the outfits for each one.
It's all very easy to use and after your done you have the option of sharing the finished image, or downloading it.
Minifigures are so nifty, and creating your family in minifigures makes for a memorable, fun greeting. Go try it out!
LEGO Minifigure Family
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  1. This looks like so much fun! I hadn't seen this yet. Thanks Shala.


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