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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas was lovely

The last few weeks, between being sick and then trying to get caught up on this coloring book, the holidays and pretty much everything else got away from me. My kids have been cooking gorgeous meals. My husband has been calling to remind me to take a break and there have been insane amounts of coffee drank.

Still behind on that. But slowly starting to catch. Today though we took a break for Christmas.

If you've lost someone you love very much, you know the holidays can be hard. So for everyone out there who was missing someone this holiday season- I hope your memories bought you more joy than sadness, more laughter than tears and more blessings than pain.

My family spoiled each other. My daughter finger knitted bracelets for all of us. I asked her if she would be willing to do an instructional video later to show how she made them. They are soft and fun.

Everybody except my dad and I got something game related- and the only reason he didn't was because William couldn't find the game he wanted to get him! They all loved them.

The stand out gifts?

My dad and son gave me a pair of Wonder Woman sneakers from Journeys.
My husband got me THIS!

Oh yes. There will be foams in the future. I will do foamy light microwave cakes, then top them with whipped yogurt. I will foam all sorts of things because it's shiny and new and wonderful.

My husband got his gifts early because they were things he needed for work. But last month I was sent a video game to review and he was certain he wouldn't like it, but was willing to try it to give me his opinion as well.

From my Amazon review-
 It's like reading a book and being able to put it down after a chapter to get other things done. My son thinks the mini games are too simple and prefers more rpg based games. My daughter likes it for an hour at a time then switches to something with a faster pace and more action.

My husband was the person in my family who was most convinced he probably wasn't going to like it much. Then he started playing. To use that same book comparison- this is the book you stay up all night to read and spend the next day bleary eyed, drinking coffee to come back home and read some more.

I don't recommend it for anyone who has issues with profanities or violence, but he loves it. So Dad and William gave him more of the AC games to try out.
The Amazing Turnip Girl- being the perfect geek got and loved a SuperWhoLock gift set The Geek Studio on Etsy (currently on hiatus until after the New Year). The set includes a laser cut necklace inspired by each show. For Sherlock it's a silhouette of his head inscribed with the words "I believe in Sherlock Holmes", Supernatural it's Rule #1, and a TARDIS for Doctor Who. It also has 4 silicone bracelets, 1 that says SuperWhoLock and the other 3 inspired by the shows and 6 buttons for each show. She was thrilled and showed them off quite happily.
William loves his Threadless shirts. He wants to have as big a collection as mine. He got one with Tesla and Lovecraft on it, and one that's book themed.
Dad was happy with his tool set and happy that I didn't forget the chocolate kiss that's been his traditional gift every year since I was 8. He counts on that great big piece of chocolate.
It's never about the stuff though is it? It's about time with family. 
And I love my impossibly geeky, incredibly funny and always interesting bunch of left-handed geeks! 

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