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Friday, September 7, 2012

Termination Dust- Alaska

A long time ago, at least as we measure it up here, Alaska started calling that first snow on the mountains "Termination Dust".

It was the signal that seasonal summer jobs were about to end, and people were going to get their termination notices soon. The surest sign that autumn in Alaska has started. Click on the images if you want to see larger versions.

Yeah, that. That's termination dust. Those are the mountains visible from my house today.

Here, let me zoom in. (I love my camera!)
So it's fall, because people who've lived here long look to that before we look at these.

I'm sort of disgusted. Seems like there was so much more that I wanted to do this summer, and now we are in a rush to do it. But winter is also full of good things, cocoa and snowball fights and the Northern Lights.

This is the camera I used for these shots. It's a bridge camera, which means somewhere between a DSLR and a point and shoot. I like them because there are no lenses to change out and it will zoom in 30x in optical mode.

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