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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So easy flowers for the whole year!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Curbside Chaos recently had a lawn makeover giveaway. The winner go to have her lawn made over with help from Tania Nayak. The video shows them discussing what they plan to do, going shopping and the start of the landscaping. Her yard is going to be gorgeous with flowers and colors. I'm a little envious! If I had $5000 dollars for a yard makeover, I'd plant more berries by the side of the house, and build a couple more raised beds for vegetables. But the big thing I'd do is the front, that would be a decorative garden, with fragrant plants. Perennials like a lilac and prickly rose bush, and lots of bulbs for early spring color after a long winter. 

They have a wonderful  Twitter donation promotion going on now, for every tweet that includes the hash tag #CurbsideChaos *Bulbs.Dig.Drop.Done* will donate $1.00 to the non-profit group Rebuilding Together. Rebuilding Together works with homeowners to rehabilitate homes and to modify them.

Curbide Chaos also has a planting guide that can help you with your fall planting for spring. You click on where you live.

Then you choose when you want your flowers to bloom, and it gives you a selection of flowers for that time period.

Click on the flower you're interested in, and it gives you advice and instructions for growing that bulb!

The neat things about bulbs is that you aren't locked into just those choices. Those are your best choices for fall planting but bulbs can be planted year round, even here! Because they are so easy to grow, they are popular for forcing indoors. You've seen the kits at the supermarket around the holidays for paperwhites. There are lots of other choices as well.

I plan to force tuberoses. They do best in zone 6 or warmer, so they aren't good for outdoors. But they will grow just fine in potting soil indoors if you have enough light. They smell fantastic! 

Do you have a favorite vase and very rarely get flowers to put in it? You can grow all sorts of bulbs in it. A single amaryllis bulb for example. Then you'll have color in the winter. You can find all sorts of information at Dig.Drop.Done. They are a foundation dedicated to promoting bulb growing, and showing how easy it is.

visit to learn more

The thing I like best on their site is the Family Fun section, lots of great crafty ideas. Also there is a search available on the site, so you can search based on color. I searched fragrance, because the scent of flowers in the winter helps the house smell naturally fresh and nice when opening a window just isn't an option!

I also recommend checking out the About Us section, the Ladies.  There are three to choose from with short videos that offer tips. The videos are cute, funny and themed to the personality of the ladies. I expected to like Marcy The Super Mom best, with her cute apron and batter bowl, but as it turned out, my favorite was Julianna the Fashionista! The reason I liked her best is because she reminded me of some of my friends. Also because I hadn't thought about planting bulbs for spring in containers. I was thinking outside the box! Now I'm thinking in the box, or rather, in some tires. While I can't have the big yard makeover, I can set up tires in a sheltered spot for spring color!

I've planted some of my bulbs for spring, and we will plant more, but now it's time to start thinking about winter, and things to grow indoors. 



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