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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spontaneous trip to the museum...

Today I was planning to crochet, bead and work on some other projects. Then on my newsfeed on Facebook, Bosco's Comics and Games posted
"Come see us at the Anchorage Museum. It's Hobby Day. Goes 'till 4pm. Free admission and free comics and cards from BOSCO'S."

Free comics, free admission to the museum and hobbies? I asked TG if it sounded like fun to her and she was dashing into her room for a sweater before I could blink twice. 

The hobbies included model railroads of which I didn't get photos. William came over and told TG "There's one that has the Umbrella Corporation logo on it."

I don't play video games. Everyone else in my family does, frequently. But I don't follow them or play them. Figure I'm doing good knowing who Snake is, but that's only because Michael, TG and William were ALL hooked on Metal Gear Solid last summer. So when I walked over and heard the model railroader say "This car will be filled with bodies." I said "Oh, that's pleasant." at the same time my darling princess was saying "Oh COOL!" 

In hobbies that interested me but not so much the rest of my family, Debra Jo Hardman was there with some of her crazy quilt wall hangings. That's a whole post for tomorrow, but here's a sneak peek.

Debra's raven wall hanging with lots of sparklies. Even the quilting thread shimmers.

There were building blocks, and my nearly adult children became a lot younger once they spotted those.
The Amazing Turnip Girl getting ready to build a double decker bus. Because there were no blue blocks to build a TARDIS.

I went to the beading table and made myself a simple name necklace.

We decided that I just couldn't walk enough to really explore the museum today, so we just picked one area to explore. Everyone loves the hands on science part of our local museum. It's where the planetarium is, as well as geological models, kinetic models, sea life and other joys.
TG building mountains

There is a kinetics of jumping exhibit in life science, this is the screen as TG walked off.

The top image is William trying to put a bubble dome over a bubble dome.

Here's William again, on infrared. 

Starfish! Always very wonderful.

I also decided to take a photo of myself on the infrared. I think my glasses look so much cooler this way!

Also going on at the museum is a toy exhibit from last month. We were all charmed by this G-man sparking pistol.

And seriously creeped out by the circus exhibit of antique toys that included some very creepy looking clowns.

It was a lot of fun, worth sweeping the 8 inches of snow off the car and going downtown.

And Bosco's? They were handing out comics from previous Free Comic Book Day and 20% off one item coupons. So both William and TG were absolutely thrilled. I think William would spend his entire paycheck there if it didn't mean eating nothing but ramen.

(I think I'm going to have nightmares about that clown)

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