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Monday, January 23, 2012

Photos from a very snowy day (eagles!)

Last night, my husband and I went out to visit with my friend Sam to play Plutocracy. Every time we do this, the weather gets crazy. The first time, there were bad ice conditions, the second, it was well sub-zero and just freezing (photos from that outing here). This time, it was a snow storm with low visibility.
It was a very slow drive. Every time a drive pulled ahead of us and hit the snow on the road, things went white.
But on the list of things you see more often in Alaska than you do in other places...
Dog sleds on a truck outfitted for carrying dogs.
When we got out to Eagle River, we saw an eagle flying fairly low over the road, then off to one side, we saw this. All photos after this are uploaded at full size, so click to see the detail!
Yes. That's a tree full of bald eagles. 

This one made me smile, the branches look almost like it's make up, pretending to be The Crow!

Then a half block down, there was another tree that had both eagles and ravens in it!
Juvenile bald eagle and a raven.

We had fun playing our game for a few hours, then drove back into town. 

Currently, I'm trying to figure out what I can sell on Etsy to help make a bit of extra money to get a swatch collection printed at Spoonflower. My husband quit his job at the beginning of the month, and while he's looking for a new one, we are budgeting carefully. I'm thinking maybe an e-book of knotwork designs to color, or possibly post a bunch more blank templates for sale. 
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  1. Shala-both of the options that you stated would be great. I am sure I would have to buy one or the other.....or maybe both!! :)
    I LOVE the pictures of the eagles. Ours are at the lock and dam. They go there to fish in the open water. I can spend hours watching them.

  2. Beautiful Pictures TY for sharing! A Coloring Book yaaa!

  3. Wonderful pictures! I love looking at all your wildlife and nature photos! Someday my husband and I want to visit Alaska and see all these wonderful things in person. Thanks for a wonderful website!