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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Review - Blogging For Bliss

Every so often I wind up in conversations about starting a blog, and trying to explain just what I know gets confusing and overwhelming for some people.

There are a lot of books about blogging that focus on all sorts of topics, but very few books for the person who wants to start a craft or art blog.

A couple of years ago, Tara Frey wrote a great book about  the process that should be recommended to everyone who starts a crafts or crafty life style blog. Blogging For Bliss-Crafting Your Own Online Journal: A Guide for Crafters, Artists and Creatives of All Kinds

The author puts a lot of the facts of blogging in it, the most popular blog platform programs, hints about how to customize layouts, information about basic html commands. Information about couple ad programs as well as tips on creative, beautiful photography and sizing photos for the web. In short, it's all the information you need to start a blog.

Where it shines is in the examples and interviews with some of the best known names in art and craft blogging, finding out about the inspiration that caused them to start blogging, the satisfactions of blogging what you're passionate about and even how they picked the names of their blogs. They also ask these luminaries which blogs they read daily. 

The information has inspired me to think about changing the layout of my blog and possibly the way I blog. I'll still keep the focus where it's at, but possibly include more entries about day to day life. Make my blog a little more personally mine, as well as a depository for craft ideas, projects and art.

The book itself is gorgeous, wonderful examples of photographs and blog layouts. The interviews will tip you off to other craft and art blogs you might be interested in. This is a book that's sure to inspire anyone who is just getting started blogging with very easy to understand information.

You can read an interview with the author here at

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