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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fezzes are cool - bead patterns and Halloween pics

I've mentioned before that my daughter is all about Doctor Who right? I mean, the rest of the family likes it of course. But her favorite color is TARDIS blue, she can name everyone who played the Doctor in order, including the people who were on Comic Relief. So her costume was decided ages ago.
She made the fez, and the bow tie, for the bow tie, she took apart a clip on we got at a thrift store and used the pieces for the pattern. The fez is made with broadcloth over buckram. The jacket and shirt are both from thrift stores, and she added the patches to the elbows. The sonic screwdriver is purchased from ThinkGeek.
I graphed out these two bracelet patterns. I'm going to make both for her for Christmas this year. I hope you enjoy them too. Odd count peyote. First picture is a preview, second picture is both bracelets vertically oriented for printing out the patterns. Click on the second image to download the full size pattern.


  1. Oh, I love it...Dr Who......the eleventh...great costume...I want a sonic screwdriver, sigh....Enjoy your Halloween and thanks for posting the picture

  2. LOL.

    You have not by chance met my sons?
    They leave the house dressed in fezzes and bow ties everyday, unless they are in their robotics uniforms, then they add goggles.
    Your daughter looks awesome, and very familiar!

  3. LOVE it! My daughter and I adore Doctor Who. For her 9th birthday I transformed her bedroom door into the Tardis door.


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