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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Review: Day of the Dead Crafts

Day of the Dead Crafts: More than 24 Projects that Celebrate Dia de los Muertos by Kerry Arquette, Andrea Zocchi and Jerry Vigil
I purchased this book for my daughter and I. It was her choice.
It contains a bit of history about Dia de los Muertos and a lot of full color projects and pictures of wonderful art for inspiration.
It's better for crafters with some experience, most of the projects aren't step by step to make exactly what's pictured but rather guidelines for allowing your own creativity to flourish.
The section on calaveras was a favorite. It explains how to make them out of polymer clay and gives lots of ideas for other mediums including paper, wood and my personal favorite, the idea of embroidering skeleton features on a rag doll. That one doesn't have a pattern, but the idea is great and I think that's the sort my daughter will want to make.
There are instructions for making paper mache skulls or skull masks using a purchased plain face mask and a balloon that I know will be a family project this year.
The jewelry section has some great projects in it. My favorite are the different charms. I have some plastic skull beads and one charm was a very nice colorful wire and bead skeleton. The painted pearl earrings were lovely as well.
Very recommended for the variety of crafting mediums and the gorgeous photographs.
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I posted a new pair of earrings to Beadwork at You can find the pattern here.

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