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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mini Notebooks

After cutting out all the animal cards yesterday, I kept looking at them thinking "They would make cute mini notebooks" and after a bit I grabbed a sheet of blank paper and did a quick notebook with one.

First, you'll need the card. This is just the example. The pdf has 300 ppi cards on it.

It was so easy. I pulled out my 2 inch circle punch and folded a sheet of paper in half length wise, unfolded it, and folded in the edges to the middle, then refolded the middle in the other direction.

Then measuring by eye, I cut 8 sets of pages going through all 4 layers of paper and leaving a folded edge intact.

If you don't have a circle punch, just trace the outline of a folded card 4 times butting the folded edge of the card against the folded edge of the paper and cut out the pages.
Then I nested the pages together, making  a stack with them unfolded and lined up the fold with the fold in the open card. Tie a piece of embroidery floss around the fold in the middle. Close it up!

You can put it under a book overnight so it's very flat if you'd like.
I'm absolutely making more of these.

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