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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank You Notes

Like most families, we went around the table on Thanksgiving saying what we were thankful for. Today's printable is a variation on that idea. It's a combination place marker and hopefully a good new tradition. I'm making them up for my family. The idea is that you put in the name of the person who's supposed to sit in that place, and you set it and a pencil or pen at each place setting. After everyone sits down, everyone passes their note to the person next to them and fills in something each on with something you are personally thankful for or appreciate about the person named at the top and keep passing them around until they get back to the original person.
Sometimes, it's just nice to hear thanks or to get a compliment.
At 100 dpi, these will print 2 to a page, then just cut them apart. If you want to make them very neat, you can cut off the borders from the printer margins as well. They should copy well if you want to bring them someplace with a copier and do that to save your black ink.

Before I forget,
Thank you Rachel, for all the work you do with your wonderful collections of projects, for the inspiration you provide to so many crafters.
Thank you Rosemary,  you know what for. But I can't say it enough.
Thank you Teri, you are both inspiration and aspiration.
Thank you Amber, I can quite honestly say my life wouldn't be the same if I hadn't known you.
Thank you Sally for your continued encouragement and support.
Thank you Lori, notes like the one you left are absolutely the reason I want to keep doing this.
Thank you Summer- Again, for the constant encouragement

Thank you, to all my wonderful readers, I'm glad people enjoy this little blog and all the emails I've gotten over the years I've had my old printables site up and the encouragement I've had since starting this blog. 


  1. Aww! What a great printable and a wonderful post. I'm all filled with warm fuzzies. =)

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving Shala! I'm going to use these thank you notes first to make my lists of groceries I still need to get and one for things to get done around the house. All my kids and grand kids come (12 adults & 8 grands and 2 on the way!!) Maybe seeing the words"Thank You" at the top will keep me on task and in a good mood. I truly appreciate your clever and very useful art. Sally


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