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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sally's Snowflake- Cookie Box template

4 different colors. I hope you enjoy this as much I enjoyed doing the art for it.
Click on the image for the full sized version. Print at 100 dpi on card stock. Thinking more about this shape, I think it would work well for gifts of handkerchiefs as well. I have handkerchiefs on the mind though, I just got a bunch of vintage ones for my daughter so she'd stop using her great grandmother's hankies. She's thrilled with the prettiness of them, and I told her since they were hers she could re-embroider them if she wanted.

I was thinking about putting individual blank templates in my Etsy shop for 1.50 each for other people to use. I'll still keep posting lots of decorated ones here if I do that.


  1. Shala're the BEST!! Just finished the bracelets and they will look great in these. I like that hankie idea. I might wrap their bracelets in those so when they shake the box, they will be confused. Hehe. That's just the kind of grandma I am. Thanks loads!Sally

  2. Lovely little box, thanks so much :)

  3. These are lovely. You're quite talented!

  4. This is sooo cute..

  5. you are a lifesaver! thank you!

  6. Just what i was looking for to put mini cookies in! Thanks!


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