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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pipe Cleaner Master

Locally, we have an artist named Kenneth S. William who is the Pipe Cleaner Master. So his site says, and so I have to agree. We first saw him in a news story, and we were stunned by the sheer number of things surrounding him that he made, and how fast his fingers were twisting colored pipe cleaners into bright pretty sculpture.
Today we had the pleasure of seeing him work in person, unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera to really get good pictures, but as we looked at his amazing creations and talked to him about them, he was twisting a Garfield.
And wow.. the creations. There was Martin Luther King Jr., Wakko, Yakko and Dot, there were Marvel and DC (but unfortunately no Nightwing, what's up with THAT?), flowers, football helmuts, all amazingly detailed in pipe cleaners. They piled high, fuzzy wonderful creations.
Mike and I knew were going to buy at least, and Mike had his eye on Spiderman and Venom, both of which had removable masks, so you could see Eddie Brock and Peter Parker under the masks, but we were on a budget, so we could only afford one. Mike wanted to get one for me, and wow.. umm.. between Gonzo and Wonder Woman? I finally decided on Wonder Woman.

Isn't that detail great? The stars, the red red lips and blue eyes and red button earrings. All his work shows that attention to detail.
You can contact him and see more of his work here.
That's my daughter posing with Wonder Woman.

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