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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4 Leaf Clover coloring page

Yesterday while I was going to the local Asian market (it's about a mile away) I found a 4 leaf clover while I was walking. A few minutes later, a very happy, very tall man was walking in the opposite direction down the sidewalk in that bounding walk that very tall men with very long legs have. He smiled at me, and said "Hi Baby!" but you know, not in a sleazy way, because really, who says hi baby to middle aged women with canes in a sleazy way? Anyway.. I gave him the clover and he was very happy and said thank you, that he could always use some luck and that he was going to meeting, so I smiled and said "Have a lovely day!" and kept walking.
I thought to myself it was wonderful to make someone so happy and that made me happy.
I got my mochi flour and coconut milk, then started towards home. My ipod played songs I loved, some old delta blues, some 80s hair metal, some synthpop, it was a fun walk on a very cloudy day. It hurt, but I was happy.
Closer to March, I'll do some shamrock designs using the same technique.
Feel free to use this coloring page for crafts if you'd like, embroidery, wood burning, whatever or on cards to give people a bit of luck! Click on the image for the full sized version.


  1. Your coloring pages are so pretty! I'll be linking. This was a fun story, I love how encounters like that can totally make your whole day.

  2. This is very interesting.. It's almost mandala like. It's probably magical like four leaf clover


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