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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Fresh Face Botanicals

If you’ve ever noticed, a lot of women get to a certain age with grace and laughter- there’s a secret to that.

The secret is that we have, out of necessity, learned not to take ourselves too seriously.

When you’re closer to 60 than to 30 you go through some changes.

You start growing hair in places you NEVER had it before and the last thing you do before leaving the house isn’t checking your teeth for lipstick, it’s checking your chin or cleavage to make sure nothing unexpected is there.

The hair that is where you expect it is not doing what you expect it to do. It’s suddenly wilder. It wants to stick up, or develops a wave, or it seems distributed differently.

Laughing too hard or sneezing is suddenly an act of courage in public.

Your skin changes.

If you’re like me, you wind up in that place between wrinkles and zits, with skin that is entirely too sensitive and prone to dryness for the things they make for teenagers, and too acne prone to use the stuff your grandmother used.

A friend that I trust very much developed a line of products that works hard, but gently.

My favorite thing in the Fresh Face Botanicals™ line up is the AHAmazing Exfoliating Facial Cleanser.

It’s gently exfoliating, it won’t scrape and tear delicate skin, but it does clean and smooth skin. Using it daily helps your skin look healthy and not dull.  It’s got tiny microbeads of jojoba for scrubbing action, it has glycolic acid for exfoliation and revealing your best skin and pumping up the collagen (yay! Less lines apparent!), your skin feels soft, clean, and not dried out using this stuff.  It rinses clean and easily.

You could get by with just this cleanser and the toner. Of course, using the whole line maximizes the benefit.

For bad hair days? My own method of dealing with them is using a bit of pomade and hair sticks to put my hair in an easy updo.

Most of my hair sticks are handmade, my current favorites are the willow hair sticks my children made for me, and will start making for sale soon.

Disclaimer: The owner of Fresh Face Botanicals is a personal friend. I did buy her products to try them out and this is based on my personal experience with them.

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