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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Riddler, my garden, and some random photos

Some photos from this month...

Leather Magpie Barrette
 The barrette above was made by my good friend Andrea. She knows how much I love magpies and makes some of the most gorgeous fantasy leather accessories around. You can see her masks, barrettes, crowns and jewelry at her Etsy shop - Beadmask on Etsy

Real magpies!
Did you know that American magpies and Australian magpies are completely different looking birds? *waves to all her Aussie readers* I hope you're all staying warm! If you live in Australia and have a photo you took of magpies that you'd be willing to share, I'd love to share it with my readers.

Karen, another friend of mine, gave me some forget-me-nots for my yard. They look so pretty and dainty!

My sugar snap peas!
So many snap peas! I planted a bunch because we all grazed like crazy last year. We are doing the same thing this year. They taste so good.

The Amazing Turnip Girl told me she didn't have a costume for the Batman party we went to. But she dug a purple-ish shirt out of her closet, and a necktie with some green in it, and teamed it with a thrifted suede vest. Then she made the accessory that made it a costume!

This is made with cardboard, paper mache, duct tape, spray paint and acrylic paint. She didn't have a costume because she's been working on a costume for an upcoming Marvel event.

I need to get more Command hooks to use for displaying her costume accessories. She's getting so good at creating things out of minimal supplies and on a budget.

My raspberries are starting to redden, we've been fighting over the strawberries as they ripen, and watching more and more green tomatoes pop up on the tomato plants. I'm getting impatient waiting for them to change color!

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