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Monday, March 3, 2014

Easy Duck® Brand Craft Tape Frame

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Duck Brand Craft Tapes are just a wonderful creative tool. They have created all these neat tapes like Duck Prism®, fabric tape, washi tape and glitter tape. My picture frame is made using Duck® Fabric Tape, but any of the craft tapes will work just great to make it.
Duck craft tape frame
Duck® Brand Fabric tape is easy to use. It comes with a liner on the back so the fabric doesn't get tacky, and the backing has a pattern that makes it easy to cut neatly.
Duck Brand fabric tape
To make this frame you'll need:
Duck Brand Craft Tapes, paper frame template, non-stick scissors, narrow ribbon
Tape and template
Download and print the template on card stock. Pick your size- at 100% it makes a 5 inch frame with 2.5 inch opening. Making it smaller would make a cute gift tag or small gift. Cut out the template, and the inner window. Score and fold in side tabs and main fold. Crease well.
Frame all cut out and folded
Now start covering the outside with tape. Using the Duck® Brand Fabric Tape, you can cut length to the right size and take your time to get them placed, until you burnish it down, it's pretty positionable. Cut slits to fold over the edges in the inner edge of the window. Get the whole outside neatly covered.
Now it's time for the ribbon. The ribbon holds the frame closed. You'll put a small open loop on the inside of the back of the frame and a longer closed loop on the inside of the front of the frame.
back ribbon
ribbon- inside front of frame
So to put the picture in, you'll put it behind the window, then fold the side flaps over, then fold up the back flap. Slip the long ribbon loop through the small ribbon loop to close.
I follow @TheDuckBrand on Twitter- do you? If you do, and you make things with Duck Brand® Craft Tapes- share it and hash tag it #DuckCraftTape, and don't forget to Pin it too!
Now I need the Glitter Duck Brand® tape. Because everything is better with glitter.
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