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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Duck Tape® Index Card Case Tutorial

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Duck Tape index card case

You expected cute little owls maybe? *grins* I actually thought about it and you can absolutely find my Retro Owls tape when you go to buy Duck Tape at Walmart. But there are so many prints available from Duck Tape®, lots of licensed prints including Mickey Mouse, 1 Direction, Despicable Me and the Avengers, plus a lot of their own designs (and Retro Owls! yeah, that's still amazingly cool to me) ... well, my family are pretty serious comic book geeks. So AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! (I think that's out of my system now)

You will need:

  • Duck Tape®
  • Non-stick scissors- I recommend Westcot
  • hook and loop dots, squares or tabs - I used Velcro
  • Index cards

Start by making a Duck Tape® sheet- I do my work on an old room service tray, but a self-healing cutting mat works too. It just needs to be a surface that won't be damaged by the tape and that you can pull the tape off.  Just put down a strip sticky side up, then another strip over it sticky side down, and flip back and forth until the sheet is big enough. Make it a bit wider than the index cards so you can trim down to nice neat sides.Duck tape card case tutorial- making the sheet

Make the sheet twice as long as the cards are tall, plus a couple inches for the flap. In the photo below, I've already folded it up and placed a card over it so you could see the flap length. I've also trimmed the sides. Leave a little bit of room for the depth of the cards- at least a quarter inch.

Duck Tape card case tutorial

Rub all the folds with the scissor handles to crease them well.

A lot of tapes are directional. Like Retro Owls has the design horizontally aligned. Avengers is vertically aligned. Alignment  will help you decide your decoration. In this case, I decided on a band down the center.

Duck Tape index card case

Because it would be upside down on the back if I wrapped it, I cut it off. It's folded over at the top and bottom.

Then lined up the design for the top flap. 

lining up the design with Duck Tape

See how pretty that's lined up?

lining up the design with Duck Tape

Now it's time to finish it up. Start by putting tape on the back. I picked a contrast color, but you could use the same color you used for the base color. Leave a small amount to fold over the front.

taping it up

Duck tape index card case

Repeat on the top, and put a piece of tape in the middle where the gap shows.

Duck Tape card case tutorial

Duck Tape card case tutorial

Then cut short lengths to tape up the sides, most of the tape will be on the back to create the bordered look for the front.

taping up the case

Repeat on the flap, then put another piece of tape on the back of the flap for the last border piece.

taping up the case

Now it's time to add the hook and loop closure. To get it to line up perfectly, take the backing off one side, then press it down to the flap. You can either put one in the middle, or do what I did and use 2.

Velcro on Duck Tape

Take the backing off the other side, and press it down to close it. The sticky will stick in the right place!

Velcro on Duck Tape

Duck Tape® comes in so many prints and colors that it can be used to personalize all sorts of things for school. You could tape up a 3 ring binder to match this card case, make a pencil case in a similar style, use it to show your personal style. It comes in enough colors that it's also possible to show your school spirit with Duck Tape®.

Plus, Retro Owls! Which I didn't actually show in this post. But thank you all for telling me where you are finding it and what you are doing with it. If you want to email me pictures, I'd love to do a photo post of all the really neat things people are doing with Retro Owls Duck Tape®.

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