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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Silly Geese!

The geese are getting ready to fly back south for the winter, and there are small flocks at various bodies of waters around town. This is one I found yesterday, and got some photos of some very silly geese. The last one is a little gross. Just a warning! They've been re-sized, and I'm considering putting some of them on one of the photo printing sites if anyone is interested. I love the one above!

 Why they call some lamps "goose neck"

This one needs a friendship quote at some point.

Quick note- this one got split reactions with my family and friends. You'll have to be the judge. Rosemary said it's a good photograph and life is messy. TG thought it was just hilarious. My darling husband flinched and says "Ah, so majestic in flight. So completely gross when they eat."


  1. It's hard to eat tidily when one doesn't have lips or opposable thumbs! Love these pics, geese are beautiful birds.

    1. *grins* Sometimes it can be hard eating tidily with lips and thumbs! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, they were fun to take. I love geese!

  2. They look so sweet & pretty until they start chasing you! LOL! My Kaku (Comanche grandmother) raised them & they could be holy terrors. She had a way with the critters, but they LOVED to chase me and nip at my 6-year-old heels. (Bad geese!) Your photos are GREAT!


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