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Monday, August 6, 2012

A couple household quick tips

Recently, and I have no idea how, about half of the pierced holes on my shower curtain tore out. My husband just said "We need to replace the shower curtain." 

Instead, I grabbed a role of duct tape, the shower curtain and a 1/4 inch hole punch and covered each hole with a strip of duct tape folded over the top. Then I use the hole punch to punch holes in the duct tape to use for the rings for the shower curtain rod. It's not a permanent fix, but it looks okay, and it works.

If you are using a hole punch or even a craft punch with duct tape or other tape items, spray the punch with a little bit of cooking spray. It helps keep it from getting gummed up and the adhesive comes off easily if does get gummed up.

Another use for bicycle inner tubes? We keep a strip about 8 inches long, cut open and washed in the kitchen. It makes a great grip for opening jars. To make it super convenient, I put a grommet in one end, and thread a length of ball chain through it to hang it from a cabinet door. It's easy to find and works great.

If you have a habit of spending too much time focused on the computer or on detailed handwork, use a kitchen timer to remind yourself to take breaks, stretch, walk around and lift your eyes from the tight focus.

Microcosm Publishing has split into two companies. The new company, Microcosm Distribution has a big 50% off sale happening. I'm a big fan of the Raleigh Briggs' illustrated guides. They have charming illustrations and a lot of information. If you're unfamiliar with zines, they are micro-published books and booklets. 

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