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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Joy, Family and Shasta Daisies (with a printable quote)

The small version above will be available at Don't Eat the Paste Quotes for sharing. 

Today I got the results back from my CT scan, it was clean. So whatever the issue is, it's not a tumor or an aneurysm. My husband let out a deep sigh of relief. He's been very scared and very angry the last few days while waiting to find out. Being pretty sure isn't the same thing as being certain and that uncertainty was very hard on all of us, but especially on him. There will be a lot more neurological tests over the next couple of months, but the big, scary things have been ruled out. He's finally sleeping well and soundly. My daughter, who has been jumping every time the phone rings is super happy and said "I don't need anything for my birthday, I got what I wanted." (well, she's still getting The Master's Pocket Watch as well. It's a Who thing)

PNG- click for large version:
Printable Joy Quote

Today's quote is from Arthur Dobrin, an ethics professor who served in the Peace Corp in Kenya during the 60s. His specialty is applied ethics with a good amount of philosophy. Check out what he wrote about empathy here
When you express your gratitude, you will bring joy to others' lives.When others know joy, your life will be filled with happiness.
Comments recently on various things I've posted, from a lady who uses one of my scrubbie patterns as missionary donations to the very enthusiastic response for the comic book Mod Podge bracelet and the outpouring of support during this challenging week,  I'm grateful. To all of you, my regular readers, the people who find my blog through referrals or searches. Thank you all for the continued encouragement and kindness.

Shasta daisies are the most common types of daisies up here. Instead of fields of field daisies, we have Shasta daisys every where with their spiral button centers and 21 petals each. The printable quote has 21 petals.


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